How should you dress when attending a funeral?

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Cremation Service

Is it your first time attending a funeral service and you’re unsure of the appropriate attire? Or did you feel underdressed the last time you were at a funeral service?

If you need help fitting in, these essential tips will ensure you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

Go with the flow

You want to avoid standing out; ask around ahead of time to see how others will dress. Talk to a family member first, if available. The reason? Wearing all black (more on that below) might be inappropriate for a non-traditional service, especially if the family requested bright, cheery colors to celebrate the deceased’s life. If you’re unsure who to ask, consider connecting with the cemetery companies near San Pablo beforehand – wherever the service is taking place. The funeral director should know how you should dress.

Black is safe – but it doesn’t have to be that color

When in doubt, always go with black or dark colors. Subdued or muted colors generally show a sign of respect and it doesn’t draw attention to yourself. Colors other than black that might be appropriate include navy, olive green and dark gray. Men should remember to wear an appropriate-colored belt and dark socks. Women should avoid flashy jewelry or bold patterns.

Account for cultural and religious differences

If the deceased comes from a different culture, it’s acceptable to ask a family member ahead of time about the appropriate attire. Some cultures, for example, prefer white clothing at a funeral.

The same goes for potential religious differences. For example, attendees of a Catholic funeral generally wear dark clothing – a black skirt or dress or a pantsuit for women, black or dark suit and tie (or at least a sports coat and tie) for men. Women may still wear a hat (it was once required for Catholic funerals), but men should not. However, if it’s for a Jewish, men may need to wear a head covering, or a yarmulke (which may be provided by the funeral home).

Remember, this is the final celebration of someone’s life. You want to be respectful, not just for the deceased but also for their family. And you can show that respect in how you dress during the services.

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