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How to Apply for Chinese Document Attestation

How to Apply for Chinese Document Attestation

After so many months of working and studying, your trip to China is finally drawing to a close. However, the end of your trip brings another problem: you don’t want to leave! What can you do to extend your time there? Is there a way to contest against having to leave or will you have to return to your home country and try to regain entrance to China at a later date? The good news is you can easily apply for document attestation for China by following these simple steps.

Step One

Visit your place of work or your school. There you can obtain the first set of documents you will need; more specifically, these are your internship certificate, degree, transcripts and graduation documents. You will also need your passport. These documents will come in handy for gaining official notarization, which you can get with the help of a professional notary.

Pay a visit to the nearest notary office. There they will scan your documents before translating them for English speakers. You will be given all copies, both in Mandarin and in English, with notary stamps applied. This procedure is not free so be sure to look into the cost prior to making your visit.

Step Two

Once you are done getting your documents notarized, you need to visit China’s Ministry of Education. Speak to an official there. Tell them you want to utilize your documents in order to stay in China and request a seal.

Step Three

One of the final steps involves China’s FAO, or Designated Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will provide you with a new Visa seal upon your documents. Completing your document attestation for China will involve a trip to the Chinese embassy. You must take all of your documents in order to receive a “Seen in Embassy” seal. Afterward, you can hand your documents over to whoever is in charge of finalizing your document attestation for China.

To learn more about document attestation for China and the resources available to you, contact US Authentication Services by calling 1-703-971-7226 or visiting their website.

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