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How to Choose Between Steel and Wood Frame Buildings

While there’s a lot of chatter on all sides on what kind of building construction is better, the fact of the matter is that it’s hard to pin down any one overall winner between wood frame construction and steel building erection in Houston. Each has their benefits depending on where, when and how the structure is to be used. Therefore, several factors should be considered before selecting either type for your building purposes.


Steel and wood frame buildings have a simple and moderately quick construction, as the parts usually come pre measured and with precise instructions. However, safety and general construction regulations still apply in either case, so always be sure to seek a professional for steel building erection in Houston.


Specifically, what kind of terrain will the structure be built on, and what kind of climate will it be expected to weather. Here, steel has an advantage as it is generally more waterproof and unlike wood, cannot fall victim to termites. However, steel framing usually requires a concrete pad foundation, which can be expensive or difficult over uneven terrain. Here a wood frame or pole barn has the advantage, as each support pole is buried individually in the ground and therefore can be constructed theoretically on a slope.


While animals’ barns have been built out of wood for centuries, a wood frame building may not be the best choice. Some animals, especially horses, may be inclined to chew on wooden support beams. This is not only damaging to the structure, but can be damaging to the animal’s health. That being said, pole barns are said to be better at insulating than steel buildings are, so be sure to watch out for drafty areas either way.


Steel frame buildings are more expensive initially than wood frame buildings, especially with their foundation costs. However, wood frame buildings may need treatment to protect their wood from insect or water damage, as well as having a higher insurance cost due to their flammability. This is especially true in barns where hay will be stored, as high temperatures can result in spontaneous combustion.

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