How to Effectively Deal With a Wet Basement in Wakefield, MA

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Home Improvement

Basements can add a significant amount of living space to a home but, if a basement routinely experiences flooding or is perpetually too damp, that space tends to be wasted. If your home’s basement is too wet to make effective use of, why not contact an expert to evaluate the water issues and recommend the best solutions?

Defining the Problem

Before any solutions are discussed, it’s always important to identify the root cause of water problems. The best solutions for one type of water problem won’t resolve other types of issues. Problems causing a wet basement in Wakefield MA can almost always be resolved if the underlying causes are found and properly dealt with. However, too many homeowners try to take matters into their own hands and fail to resolve the issues. That’s wasted time and, of course, money. The experts know the region and how the soil dynamics impact basements. For the best results, it simply makes sense to contact the professionals for advice.

Understanding the Options

Eliminating a water problem can be accomplished using several methods. One of the simplest is using a dehumidifier, but that option is generally only effective when high humidity, and not flooding, is the problem. Of course, a dehumidifier may also be recommended as an ancillary strategy to accompany another solution. Crack injections, French drain systems, and exterior water control may also be recommended depending on the level of moisture present and the groundwater conditions.

A part of the overall solution to deal with a wet basement in Wakefield MA may include enhancing the site’s drainage. Functional gutter systems divert water away from the home’s foundation and minimize the potential for basement water issues. The slope of the lot may also need to be changed to provide better drainage. In short, the solution for a specific home’s basement water problems may be complex. The waterproofing professionals will explain the various ways to eliminate the water issues.

Take the First Step

To make that wet basement useful, it’s important to contact the waterproofing experts as soon as possible. Contact us for more information or to schedule an evaluation of your home’s waterproofing needs.

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