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Zero Clearance Fireplace Insert – Features and Benefits

Zero Clearance Fireplace Insert – Features and Benefits

Homeowners can achieve a number of benefits when they have a modern fireplace installed in their home. These fireplaces run with a high degree of heating efficiency and can warm-up any living space in your home. They require minimal maintenance over the long term. Zero clearance fireplace insert units are an excellent option when you want to introduce cozy heat within your living spaces anytime of the year.

What is Zero Clearance?

As it regards fireplaces, the term zero clearance specifies the actual distance between any combustible material (which may include the framing itself) and the fireplace. A buffer is produced from the insulation used in these units which provides a shield between the fireplace heat and the combustible material.

Minimal and Efficient Maintenance

Different types of homes, such as mobile homes, can benefit from the presence of a zero clearance fireplace insert. There is minimal warm-up and maintenance required to manage these fireplace units. These units can be stalled in various rooms of the home.

When compared to traditional open hearth masonry fireplace units, zero clearance units offer significantly higher heating efficiency. In fact, the comparison between the two is stark. The old-style hearth fireplaces exhibited about 10 percent efficiency whereas modern zero clearance gas fireplace inserts can provide up to 70 heating efficiency.

Simple Installation

You can have zero clearance insert placed into your living area by professional installer. The installation will ensure you have a safe buffer that shields against the ignition of any potential combustible materials adjacent to the unit.

Beautiful Décor

These modern zero clearance fireplace insert units offer you the advantage of a fast, safe, efficient means of enjoying the warm heat of a fire within your home. As well, you can enhance your décor through various style options available. You can choose from square doors, arched and multiple color options doors according to your specific preferences.

Modern zero clearance units are built with some of the highest quality materials to help ensure they function well for a long time.

If you are interested in adding a new fireplace insert to your home, contact an experienced fireplace supplier today.

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