How to Ensure Your Employees Work Their Full Hours

Monitoring your employees consistently, perhaps using software that takes a picture of their computer monitor’s actions every few minutes, is not favored by employees, but saves employers from paying supervisors to check that employees are working the hours they are being paid for. Attendance management software is more effective for both parties when used in a positive manner.

The First Benefit

By using attendance management software, your human resources and the supervising team will be alerted when your employees are reaching the moment when they may move into overtime structures and provides you with the opportunity to understand the time and attendance data.

One advantage of using attendance management software is to ensure that the correct amount of activity is matched to the contract offered to employees. You may be able to reduce your labor spend by ensuring that everyone works the hours required rather than having to employ extra employees when many employees only work to 80 or 90% of their capability.

The second advantage to your human resources department is the ability to have more confidence in your compliance with law, rules and regulations and the contracts of each individual employee. Over time, this will reduce the number of disputes because the information provided is accurate, detailed and essential for all parties.

By removing errors, employees are not dependent upon the HR Department scrutinizing and understanding when a mistake is made gathering the number of hours everyone has worked. A happy workforce is often aligned with those that are paid properly, efficiently and effectively. Where your working teams feel that their company is trying to underpay them by an hour or more each week, because traditional systems for recording attendance is used, this can lead to a disgruntled workforce who become inefficient because they are not focused on their work. Where they trust their employees to pay them correctly, they are more likely to provide a better day’s work.

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