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How To File An Accident Claim In Kansas

In Kansas, all personal injury claims associated with automobile accidents must follow no-fault accident proceedings. This indicates that all drivers involved in an accident are required to file a claim with their auto insurance carrier. In the event, that their injuries exceed the limitations of their personal injury protection, the victim may have a viable claim to file in court.

What are the Requirements?

In order to file a formal claim, first, you must have medical costs that exceed $2,000. While the personal injury protection is designated to offer up to $10,000 for each injury, this doesn’t limit your ability to sue the other driver under certain circumstances. However, you must have a qualifying injury to proceed. To discuss your injuries further, contact a Car Accident Attorney In Wichita immediately.

Identifying Qualifying Injuries in Kansas

To qualify to file a lawsuit, your injuries must be identified as long-term. This indicates that you must have broken bones, disfigurements, or a disability that prevents you from working. Any victim who has a qualifying injury has the right to file a lawsuit prior to the two-year statute of limitations.

Who Can File for You?

Family members may file a claim on behalf of the victim. However, they must be immediate family members. This includes parents, siblings, spouses, and children of the victim. If the accident resulted in a fatality, stepchildren and non-immediate family members may file a claim if the victim doesn’t have any remaining family.

Identifying Responsibility in an Auto Accident

The accident report indicates who is at fault in an auto accident. Although these cases are conducted on a no-fault system, some accidents require further clarity. The officers who investigated the accident indicated within this report what party was more at fault and identified the course of the accident.

Victims who sustained serious injuries have a legal right to file formal claims in Kansas. This includes personal injuries acquired through automobile accidents. Any victim who needs to examine their rights and determine if they have a viable claim should Contact Slape & Howard to hire a Car Accident Attorney In Wichita today.

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