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How to Find a Dentist When You’ve Just Moved into Town

Moving into a new community is hard enough. But having to deal with a dental emergency at 3 a.m. can be even harder. With dental costs that could set you back a lot, seeing a dentist can be worrisome. Here are a few steps to help you find a reputable one:

Find one before you need one

That’s a smart piece of advice to follow. Start looking for a dentist in Plano TX as soon as you move into the area. This way, if you or any in your family end up with a bad case of toothache, you’ll know what numbers to call right away.

Get a referral

You could ask your previous dentist for a referral before your move, says the WebMD. S/he might know someone who’s going to fit the bill so you can save yourself time and effort trying to find a new dental specialist for you and your family.

Ask around

Reach out to neighbors and ask. This is a good way to break the ice and get to know your next-door neighbors. You get handy leads all while you make new friends—that’s two birds, one stone.


Don’t know anyone in the area yet? No pressure. Go online and simply look for a dentist in Plano TX. That should net you options like Shifa Dental. With an experienced staff that offer services at economical prices, it’s bound to be high on your list of prospects.

Read reviews

Reviews let you know what other people think about the facility and its staff. Bad reviews tell you which facilities and dental clinics to avoid while positive reviews are markers that you’ve got good prospects in your sight. If most of the reviews mention the same thing, take note of it. That could be a recurring problem.

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