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How To Find The Best Hostel In NYC

How To Find The Best Hostel In NYC

Traveling to New York City is a fun, amazing experience. There is so much to do, and so many places to see. In order to make it an inexpensive, fun, and social trip, many travelers opt to stay in hostels. Here are some tips on how to choose the best hostel in NYC.

Use The Internet

Travelers who have never been to NYC or who don’t have friends or family who have travelled, the internet can be an amazing resource. Reputable hostels will have a website, which can provide invaluable information about the hostel, such as number of beds, check in/check out time, and what type of luggage storage is available. Travelers can also take a look at the location of the hostel to determine if the neighborhood is ideal for the type of day trips they wish to make.

Consider Cost

The cheapest hostel isn’t necessarily the best. Hostels are similar to hotels and motels in this respect. The least expensive can also be the least comfortable, the least clean, and potentially in a less than savory neighborhood. A reputable hostel is the best choice for safety and comfort, and these are the best hostels in NYC for easy access to tons of tourist locations.

Think Of Amenities

Travelers should consider which amenities are essential and which aren’t. Though these items are unique to each individual traveler, certain things such as Wi-Fi, security, a dining area, and whether or not there is a curfew will affect all travelers. These factors are easy to determine ahead of time with a quick search of the hostel’s website, and can be confirmed upon booking. Some hostels also have games rooms and dining areas, while others lack extra space for these gathering areas. Travelers who are eager to meet others and have an opportunity to engage in more social activities will want to find a hostel with those additional services.


This is another area that travelers will want to investigate before booking with a hostel. Reputable hostels will be located in safe neighborhoods, and will have security available. When researching hostels in NYC take advantage of the internet and street view the area if possible. This will also help give travelers a feel for the area around the hostel, and what kind of bars, restaurants, and other attractions are nearby. In addition to building security, travelers should investigate what kind of security is available for their luggage while staying at the hostel. Most hostels will have lockers or luggage service available for those who are checked in, and some will even care for luggage, for a fee, after the traveler has checked out.

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