How to Hang Curtains for Windows Properly

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Home Improvement

When purchasing curtains for your windows, you want to do it right so that the finished result will look great in your home! Below are some tips and suggestions on how to properly hang curtains for windows, as well as a few tips on what to avoid:

Avoid Hanging Curtains Too Low

Many people make the mistake of putting up their curtain rods at the wrong height. When this is done, it can cause the curtains to hang much too low. The way to properly position your curtain rod is to place the distance of the curtain rods about a half to a third the height to your ceiling. This causes the eyes to look upward making your ceilings look higher too.

Curtains Are Too Short for the Window

Often people purchase curtains at the wrong length for their windows and the curtains end up hanging too far from the floor. This makes your room look strange and awkward. Instead, you have three options for how the curtains should hang: floating, which means the curtains hang about one inch from the floor; the “kiss,” which means the curtains barely touch your floor; and the “puddle,” which means the curtains drape all over the floor in a puddling effect.

Make Sure the Curtain Rods, Curtains Are Wide Enough

You also want your curtain rods to be wide enough so that the curtains won’t block the light in ways you don’t desire, so make sure the rod can go between six and 10 inches out on either side of your window frame. That way you can push open your curtains so that you can see out all of the window as desired. You also want to make sure the curtains themselves are wide enough.

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