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How to Keep Stainless Steel Kitchen Benches Clean?

Keeping a home clean is a full time job and something that many homeowners strive to do every day. With all of the many surfaces in your home that need to be cleaned, it can become a bit overwhelming to deal with them all. One of the most used room of a home is the kitchen, which means that it is usually the room most in need of a good cleaning. If your kitchen is equipped with stainless steel benchtops, then by employing a few different cleaning methods you should have no problems keeping them clean. Here are a few tips on how to keep the stainless benchtops in your kitchen clean.

A Washing Cloth and Water Does Wonders

When trying to keep the stainless benchtops in your kitchen shiny and clean, you can use water and a wash cloth. This will help to keep them looking their best in between hard cleanings and will give them the shine you are looking for. Be sure to dry up the counters once you have washed them down in order to prevent spotting. The more you keep your counters wiped clean, the better they will ultimately look.

Using Mild Detergent

If you come across a situation where your stainless benchtops need a deep cleaning due to food residue or other factors, then using a bit of mild detergent and a wash cloth can do the trick. The chemicals in the detergent will help to lift the dirt and grime off of the benchtops and restore them to their original condition. You need to make sure that the detergent and water mix is full of suds because this usually produces the best results. Make sure to wipe the counters dry when done to prevent spotting and staining.

Using Glass Cleaner

Another very effective way to keep stainless steel benchtops clean, especially from fingerprints and smudges is by using a glass cleaning product. The glass cleaning product will not only remove the smudging and fingerprints, they will also leave a nice shine on the surface. Make sure that the cleaners that you are using are not too abrasive because this could damage the surface of your stainless benchtops. The more care that you show to your stainless steel benchtops, the longer you will be able to enjoy them for. If you are unsure about how to properly care for your benchtops, be sure to consult with a professional for advice.

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