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How to Make an Airsoft Gun More Powerful by Upgrading the Spring

Is your airsoft gun a little weaker than you would like? If so, you might not need to buy a new one. Instead, by replacing the gun’s spring, you can force more air into the chamber. That, of course, will increase your BB’s feet per second velocity. While you should take great care in modifying your weapon, you might make your airsoft spring revolver more powerful by upgrading the spring. Consulting with an expert will give you the best, safest results, but generally, here is how to do it.

Disassemble Your Gun

Before you begin the process of upgrading your spring, make sure you remove the gun’s magazine. Further, make sure you cock your gun so that the spring is in the backward position when you access it. Then, you can disassemble your gun. Depending on your model, this might be a relatively automatic process. You might, however, have to use a screwdriver to take apart your weapon and expose the spring. You might also have to gently pry your gun’s casing apart.

Keep Track of Parts

Your airsoft spring revolver likely has many small parts you do not want to lose. Because of this, you should work on a table or other flat service. Also, consider putting down white paper so that you can see if any parts are trying to roll away. Finally, if you are not used to working on your gun, label each part so you know what each is and where it belongs.

Replace the Spring

After taking your gun apart, you are ready to replace the spring. Before you insert a more powerful one, though, make sure you have not selected a spring that is too tightly wound for your gun. Then, use silicone lubricant to lubricate the piston so that it moves freely. Finally, insert the replacement spring and reassemble the gun.

If you are not comfortable working on your gun, you should think about working with an expert to replace the spring on your airsoft spring revolver. Whether you do or replace it yourself, adding a more powerful spring should increase the performance of your gun.

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