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How to Mess Up Your Child Custody Agreement

Having achieved a successful agreement after working closely with your child custody attorney, there may still be feelings of anger and bitterness towards your former partner, especially when you feel that they received a better deal than you. Nevertheless, violating your custody agreement may cause you severe difficulties.

Understand Your Rights

Whatever contract was agreed upon, if there are any areas of the agreement that you do not understand, it is imperative that you should discuss with your child custody attorney. Should you not understand and make mistakes, you may violate the agreement and potentially suffer the consequences when your situation is reviewed by the court.

Your child custody attorney will explain the many areas that need your attention to ensure you do not violate your custody agreement.

Should you take your child out for an hour or an entire day, without informing the other parent, this has the potential to be portrayed as abduction or kidnapping.

Your Habits and Beliefs

You should have reached agreements over religious choices and any personal habits, such as smoking, in relation to how the child will be looked after when in your custody.

You may violate your agreement by choosing your religious beliefs over that of the other parent, especially where this clashes.

Where you are a smoker, you should understand the wishes of both the child and the other parent, especially where there are specific details listed within the agreement. Anything that becomes questionable behavior may go against you during court reviews of your custody and visitation rights.

Courts expect both parents to present the other parent in a reasonable manner so that the child is not alienated from one or other of the parents. A consistent level of negativity will eventually cause difficulties with the visitation rights.

At the top of the importance list, is the need to respect visitation rights, especially the timing for the beginning and ending of any visitation. Failure may cause untold grief to both the child and the other parent and may lead to an update of the custody agreement, which may not go in your favor, which is why you must completely understand your rights and responsibilities and seek an explanation from your child custody attorney.

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