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How To Practice Good Etiquette At The Hair Salon

A trip to the salon is a regular ritual for some people and a bit of a luxurious splurge for others. No matter what the reason is that someone is going to the salon for, they still need to practice good etiquette while there. Here are a few tips on how to do this.

     *     Get there on time. It is considered very rude to not at least alert the salon if the appointment time cannot be adhered to. Not only will this lead to possible hard feelings from the stylist but the appointment may very well be canceled.

     *     Just because the hair that is desired looks great in a magazine or photo does not mean it will look good on the person getting their hair done. A stylist will alert the client that it may not be possible to perform the desired style or that it may just not look good on them. Talk to the stylist about realistic hair styles that will look good.

     *     Ask the stylist how much time will be required each day to style the hair. If time is a precious commodity, an extensive hair style may not be something that is desired.

     *     Always ask ahead of time what the price is going to be. Costs between salons can vary greatly so do not estimate the cost based on a visit to a different salon.

     *     Always tip the stylist. An amount between ten and twenty percent is considered a good tip. Stylists remember clients who do and often will get them in at late notice or offer other perks.

     *     The stylist may be nice and easy to talk with but do not divulge too much unnecessary personal info or assume you are great friends. This is a professional relationship only and should be treated as such.

     *     Do not talk on a cell phone unless it is an emergency. As with almost anywhere else that may be visited, nobody wants to hear someone else’s conversation while they are trying to relax.

Remembering to follow all of these tips will result in a nice and easy visit to the Hair Salon and will put the client on the most favored list. To schedule an appointment at a professional and friendly hair salon, make sure to visit domain URL. They have many services which are guaranteed to make the client look great!

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