How to Save Energy with Fuel Oil in New Haven CT as Cold Weather Moves In

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Diesel Fuel Supplier

When cooler weather moves in, most homeowners reach for their heating system to keep their home warm and comfortable. While Fuel Oil in New Haven CT is an affordable source of heat, there is still no reason to waste more energy than necessary. As a result, it may be necessary to take a few steps to help prevent cold weather energy loss. This will help a home stay more comfortable and reduce heating costs.

Utilize the Sun’s Heat

Open all the curtains on a home’s south-facing windows during the daytime hours. This allows sunlight to heat the home naturally. At night, they should be closed to reduce heat loss.

Cover Windows that are Drafty

Utilize a heavy-duty, plastic film or sheet to reduce drafts from old or inefficient windows. The material can be hung over the window, including the frame to reduce drafts. Tight fitting insulating shades or drapes can be used for windows in the bedroom or living room.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This type of thermostat makes it easy to control the temperature in a home and helps reduce energy costs. When people are home and awake, try to set the thermostat as low as possible. While people are asleep or away, turn the thermostat back a few degrees. With a programmable thermostat, this can be handled automatically by setting the timer.

Locate and Seal All Leaks

Everywhere there is a penetration through the walls or roof of a home is the possibility of an air leak. It is a good idea to seal gaps around recessed lights and chimneys, as well as where there are unfinished areas behind closets and cupboards. Add weather stripping or caulk to seal any air leaks present around windows and doors. A small investment in weatherizing can save a homeowner several hundred dollars during the colder months of the year.

Regardless of if a home uses Fuel Oil in New Haven CT for heat, or another form of fuel, having a home that is energy efficient should be a top priority. The actions highlighted here can help reduce heat loss and overall heating costs. More information about saving money on heating costs this winter can be found by visiting the website name website.

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