How Your Company Can Benefit From A Touch Kiosk

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Business

Touch screen kiosks are growing in popularity across all sectors; from retail to commercial to industrial they seem to be everywhere. This isn’t without good cause, as a touch screen kiosk can be an incredibly useful business tool, helping your company connect with your consumers, your employees, or simply by making life easier for all parties. Some companies have only just begun to consider the benefits of implementing touch screen technology in their businesses, but many others have already taken that business leap. Here are a just a few examples of how your company can benefit from a touch kiosk.


Most retail stores are physically incapable of carrying every product their website advertises, which can result in disappointed consumers. In those cases, retail locations tend to offer to order the product on behalf of the customer, and have it shipped to the store or to the customer’s home. While this is an incredibly wonderful customer service move, it also takes the retail employee away from other customers while he or she assists someone with ordering the product. In those cases, having an in-store kiosk set up to take orders is a great compromise, allowing the store to offer customized ordering without sacrificing the time of an employee to do so.

Consumer Feedback

Customer feedback kiosks are growing in popularity, especially in fast food locations. These kiosks can have questions that are geared towards answering specific problems facing your location, and can be updated frequently to help your store address the issues and complaints your customers may have on a regular basis. These kiosks also tend to make consumers feel more valued, and can in turn create greater brand loyalty.

Employee Relations

These kiosks can also be set up in a company’s back room or employee lounge, and can contain important employee relation documents. These kiosks can be configured to help employees fill out claims forms, vacation requests, or even to display the current schedule or workload.

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