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I Thought It Would Be Impossible to Save My Home, But an Attorney Came to My Rescue

I Thought It Would Be Impossible to Save My Home, But an Attorney Came to My Rescue

Imagine this: You return home from a long day of work. Your wife will be returning with your children and you have to walk the dog and get dinner together before the whole family arrives. It’s just another day. You reach into the mailbox and find a letter from the bank. Your heart sinks. You know that you’ve been a little bit behind on your mortgage payments, but the finances have been tight and you haven’t found the time to sort them out. You open the letter and to your dismay, the bank will be taking action to foreclose on your home if you do not respond immediately. You sit down at your kitchen table, frustrated and overwhelmed, with the question looming in your mind: “How can I save my home?”

Unfortunately, this scenario is not one that many people will have to imagine. Millions of hardworking individuals from all over the country have experienced it first-hand. If you and your family have been put into a similar situation, know that there are experienced attorneys on your side who will understand and work tirelessly to help you.

Types of Attorneys

There are a range of reasons that a person may be at risk of losing their home, and there are different types of attorneys who specialize in solving these cases. Before you seek the advice of an attorney for your specific case, it is helpful to know about their different areas of focus. Three of the most common types of lawyers available for people who are faced with the question of “how can I save my home?” are real estate lawyers, loan modification lawyers, and bankruptcy lawyers. Here are some differences between the three and how they can help:

1. A real estate attorney specializes in any of the legal aspects that are involved with the purchase or sale of real estate property. These attorneys will be able to assist you in most of the transactions associated with property transfers.

2. A loan or mortgage modification attorney can help you to modify the original terms of your mortgage if you are unable to make the scheduled payments that were originally agreed upon. The modification can be done in many ways, including reducing either the principal, reducing or waiving late fees and penalties, reducing the monthly payment, reducing or changing the interest, or lengthening the term of the loan. This type of attorney will assess your specific situation and find the best solution for you.

3. If you have chosen to file for bankruptcy and your home is included in the list of assets that you stand to lose, your bankruptcy attorney will be able to help you figure out some alternative options. There are many different ways to file for bankruptcy and losing your home may not have to be a part of the plan.

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