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Implant vs Bridge: Which Dental Option Should You Choose?

When trying to restore or even rejuvenate a smile plagued with missing or chipped teeth, there are two key options from which you may choose: bridges and implants. It is easy to get these two terms mixed up – especially if you are not quite clear on how they differ.

Is a Bridge Cheaper than an Implant?

It is true that dental bridges are less expensive than dental implants. However, a bridge must attach itself to healthy surrounding teeth in order to “bridge” the gap that missing teeth left behind. However, as is the case with any well-structured bridge, a significant amount of weight and pressure is then added to the surrounding teeth – specifically, the teeth directly attached to the device. This is one of the main reasons why seeing a dental implants specialist is a recommended first step to consider.

Other Key Advantages of Dental Implants

A major advantage of dental implants is that you will not have to worry about excessive pressure burdening the surrounding teeth. A highly quality dental implant can actually boost the health of a person’s gums and bone structure in addition to reducing the lasting risks that threaten a person’s jaw.

Dental implants specialists encourage their patients to look at the big picture of benefits – especially if they are overly concerned with the financial side. For instance, it is true that a single tooth implant could cost thousands of dollars. However, it is designed to last a lifetime – unlike bridges that are known for ongoing maintenance needs, repairs and even replacements.

Consider All Options

Once you have taken the time to conduct the necessary research, you should weigh all options based on your specific circumstance. Just because another person may prefer one particular option does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Trust in the expertise of the dental implants specialists at Cascades Center for Dental Health to point you in the right direction and help you to get the beautiful smile of your dreams.

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