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Important Factors to Look for in Dog Day Care in Fairfax Station, VA

Important Factors to Look for in Dog Day Care in Fairfax Station, VA

A dog is more than just a pet to most dog owners. Instead, a dog is a member of the family. This pet is cared for and cherished. Because pet owners have to work, dogs are often left alone for long periods of time. To enhance socialization, training, interaction, and exercise, it’s beneficial to use a Dog Day Care in Fairfax Station VA. The following tips can assist a dog owner with the search for the right facility.

Get Reliable Suggestions

It’s a good idea to start the search by talking to other pet owners who use pet daycare repeatedly. Ask questions about the facility, pricing, and pet interaction. A dog owner can also get recommendations from a veterinarian, pet club, and groomer. Learning as much as possible about a facility will make it easier to select two businesses for further assessment.

Call Each Facility

Call each facility to set up a time for a tour. A business should be happy to show a facility to a prospective customer. Prepare a list of questions to ask the manager of each facility. A dog owner may have to visit during specified times so normal business procedures are uninterrupted.

Look for Important Factors

When touring a facility, look for cleanliness and safety equipment. A reliable facility should keep its areas tidy and gated to keep pets in the right areas. Ask about the ratio of pets to staff members. A facility should have ample interior and exterior space for pets to exercise, train, and interact. The pet daycare should have procedures for feeding, medicine administration, and emergency care. Ask for proof of insurance and bonding. Talk to the staff to evaluate their ability to handle dogs in a caring manner. Experience is a plus as well.

After performing these actions, choose the facility that seems to have the best features. Let your pet visit the pet daycare for a short period of time before deciding on a facility to use. For information on Dog Day Care in Fairfax Station VA, please talk to a specialist at Crosspointe Animal Hospital. This facility offers numerous services including pet daycare, pet surgery, and dental care. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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