Important Information That Business Owners Should Know About Hard Drive Destruction

If you’re a business owner, you already know the importance of destroying confidential paperwork that’s no longer needed inside the office. In addition to shredding paper documents, it’s as equally important to destroy the hard drives from old computers. To learn more information about keeping your business safe, read the questions and answers below about hiring a qualified company that specializes in Hard Drive Destruction.

Q.) What are some of the dangers to a business if old computer hard drives are not completely destroyed?

A.) Computer hard drives from business computers often contain very personal information about the company and their clients. When hard drives are stolen by dishonest people, various dangers are present including identity theft, personal information about the business being in the wrong hands and a privacy breach between the company and its clients. If personal client information is exposed, a business owner could possibly face a lawsuit.

Q.) Isn’t it good enough to just delete all the information from a hard drive?

A.) Business owners often think that if the information on their hard drive has been deleted and then the hard drive formatted, the information is gone for good. This false assumption often causes major problems for business owners because of hard drive recover software. Even after deleting and formatting a hard drive, the information can be easily recovered by using this type of software that’s readily available for anyone to purchase. The only secure way that hard drives can be totally destroyed is through a company that specializes in Hard Drive Destruction.

Q.) What can a business owner expect when hiring a professional shredding service?

A.) When a business owner contacts a professional shredding service, locked bins will be placed at the business. Any type of paperwork that contains sensitive information should be placed into one of the locked bins. On the scheduled days, shredding company employees arrive in the shredding truck to destroy all sensitive information in the bins.

If you’re a business owner, don’t take the chance of anyone stealing information from old business computer hard drives.

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