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Improve Your Vision with Cataract Surgery

Your vision has gone cloudy. You see colors as dull and flat. Your night vision is horrible. You might have cataracts, a common eye condition in which the lens of the eye goes cloudy. Did you know that ophthalmologists can easily treat cataracts with minor surgery? Keep reading to find out how cataract surgery could improve your life.

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts happen as cloudiness develops on the eye lens. They develop as someone ages and eventually obstructs one’s vision. People often don’t notice cataracts until they cause vision problems, although they can be present from birth. Once a doctor diagnoses cataracts, a simple surgery can treat them.


Modern day cataracts procedures take less than half an hour. It is an outpatient procedure using topical anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort. Surgeons use sound waves to break up the cloudy cataract and then suck out the broken pieces of lens. Then a new, artificial lens is inserted behind the pupil and iris through a small incision. The doctor seals the incision, and the patient can return to their normal life. Patients wear a protective eye covering for a period, but recovery times are fast.


Cataracts do not return after surgery, as they do not develop on the artificial lens. Symptoms such as cloudy vision, poor night vision, or dull colors are alleviated, although poor vision existing independent of cataracts can’t be cured with a cataract surgery. After cataracts surgery, you can enjoy improved vision and an improved quality of life.

Finding the Right Doctor

Although cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, it is still important to find the right doctor. Ask your current eye doctor and family or friends for ophthalmologist recommendations. Do online research as well to view ophthalmologists’ qualifications. When meeting for a consultation, be sure to ask questions to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable. Whether you get cataract surgery in Barrington or another city, finding the right doctor is key to surgery success.

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