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Increase Your Customer Base with Quality Shipping Around the World

Do you only ship your goods to U.S. addresses because it is hard to interpret international addresses? Are you wanting to expand your company by shipping items to customers outside of the United States? It can be very complex to try and interpret addresses from other countries, you want to make sure you have the right information so your packages reach the correct destination. You can find a solution in purchasing a software that increases the chance of international address quality. A program that will compare your company’s database against the database of the postal service to ensure you have the correct address where your goods are being shipped.

What Does IDQS Do?

International Data Quality Software permits the user to clean the addresses in the database to help recognize and remove duplicate information. This will help provide the company with a complete customer record. They will be able to connect all the customers that are in the same home and remove redundancies. This system is set up to perform on the major computer platforms around the world. The program is designed to deliver accurate longitude and latitude coordinates to the address the business is shipping to.

How a Business can benefit from the Program

  • You will have access to over 240 countries worldwide address data.
  • The software will provide geocoding, reduce the amount of duplicate addresses that your data has, and merge together customers that live in the same home.
  • Your company will have access to data correction for international addresses.
  • You will be able to manage the worldwide address with the software.
  • The company’s shipments can reach their destination faster when they have the proper information printed on them.

Purchase a Quality Software Program to Help Manage Your Database

Whether you are a direct marketer or mail bulk packages, your company can benefit greatly from a software that will help you manage your customer database. You can stop packages from being lost or returned to your company when you select to use a program to help organize and verify the address of your clients. When you are able to reduce the amount of packages that are poorly addressed this can help decrease your cost when it comes to shipping items. Whether you are shipping in the U.S. or across the world, a quality software program can assist in making sure the information is correct and legible.

Anchor Computer Software can help your company with international address quality. Visit their website or contact one of their skilled workers to learn how they can assist you.

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