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Increasing Your Property Aesthetics With Beautiful Terra Cotta Flower Pots

Increasing Your Property Aesthetics With Beautiful Terra Cotta Flower Pots

For people who love to decorate their home or business with plantings, pottery is an essential tool. Pottery is the best way to bring plants indoors and accent outdoor spaces with plantings, so they don’t need to be planted inground.

Potted Plants and Planter Accents

There are a wide variety of materials used for potted plants. One of the most widely used is an ancient type of pottery known as terra cotta. With roots that date back to Roman civilizations and beyond, terra cotta pottery has been widely known to show up in fragments of archaeological digs. Some of these beautiful pottery pieces have been found completely intact and date back over 1,000 years ago. This unusually durable material has also been known to be passed down in family heirlooms.

Today’s Terra Cotta Flower Pots and Planters

While ancient pottery had some detail and design, today’s terra cotta pottery can have intricate designs adding to the luster and beauty of any area they are used. They come in various sizes, including extra-large terra cotta flower pots that are large enough to hold small trees.

Extra-large terra cotta planters are widely used as accents at museums, hotels and resorts, upscale dining facilities, government buildings, municipalities, high-end office buildings, and private homes. If you are looking for stunning terra cotta flower pots, pottery, and planters in a variety of sizes and styles, Tuscan Imports brings the best terra cotta right to your home or business. They have been offering the finest in handcrafted, frost-proof, imported Italian terracotta planters from Impruneta and Siena Italy for over twenty years. You can learn more about their offerings at

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