Injured at a Store During Holiday Sales Madness? Contact an Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia for Help

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Law Services

Black Friday has long been known for shopping madness, and stores have now added Thanksgiving night to the sales blitz. A frenzied crowd of customers tries to get into a store as fast as possible to find sale items that the store might run out of quickly. Someone gets injured during this stampede; can this person file an injury lawsuit? Is the store responsible? An injury lawyer in Philadelphia is available for new clients and could provide answers after hearing the details.

Injuries that occur on commercial property often deserve financial compensation under the legal aspect of premises liability. This type of liability involves the business owner, or managers that the business owner puts in charge, being negligent or careless about safety on the property. Sometimes this negligence leads to a slip-and-fall injury, such as when a wet floor is not attended to or marked with a caution sign. In a situation where a crowd of people inadvertently causes an injury, the question an injury lawyer in Philadelphia will ask is whether the store owner created an environment favourable to customers being hurt.

For instance, store owners by now should be fully aware of previous instances in which customers were seriously injured. Those cases have received national media attention. A store should use strategies to have customers entering the building in an orderly fashion. They might be instructed to stand in a queue line, for example, and to only enter the store one person at a time. Plenty of personnel should be on hand to make sure customers behave responsibly. If measures were not in place to prevent harmful incidents, the injured person may very well have a good case.

A firm such as Swartz Culleton can tell this person whether he or she deserves compensation from the store’s insurance company. The lawyers there will need to verify what the conditions were like at the store when the injury occurred. If the store owner appears to be negligent, the attorneys can write a letter to the insurer providing details of the situation and making a request for a certain monetary amount. Visit the website for more information.

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