Innovative, Custom Wood Wall and Ceiling Systems That Meet Your Vision

There’s nothing more elegant than wooden wall panels and ceilings. Beam ceilings add grandeur to any commercial setting. The charm of wood is not only that it is sustainable. It is solid and versatile and provides an unmistakably beautiful visual appearance.

Benefits of Sustainable Design

Wood products balance aesthetics and functionality with their innate sustainability. The benefits of a sustainable design using wood include these five attributes:

1. Durability

2. Conservation

3. Preservation

4. Waste Reduction

5. Improved Health

Wood products are a perfect choice for any design on a budget. Click the link below to discover even more benefits to incorporating wood into your next design project.

Products You Can Rely On

Environmentally friendly products that designers and contractors can rely on include systems such as:

• Linear Open, Closed, and Panelized

• Panel Grille and Integrille

• Aluratone variations

• Cubes

• And many more

Visit the website by clicking the link below to be amazed by the many different species and colors available.

Choosing the Right Product for the Project

Does form follow function? Or, are form and function one? When designing a space, its success depends on the impact it has on its occupants. School interiors are an excellent example.

Schools can be sterile environments, but wood provides warmth that promotes learning. Studies show that natural materials enable classroom learning better than stale, more traditional steel-and-glass settings.

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