Installing and Repairing Commercial Glass Storefronts in Columbus IN

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Doors and Windows

Making a good first impression is worth gold to any business or store owner. This is why it pays to have a professionally installed or updated glass storefront put in. But beyond aesthetics are other considerations why a new storefront might be needed. One of these is always energy efficiency and reducing the expenses of the heating and cooling bills through the year, which can affect the bottom-line.

But a modern standard window can be necessary in other ways. Perhaps that old hardware store is now being converted into an art gallery. Naturally, some pieces are going to be displayed in that storefront to attract potential buyers. At the same time, those display pieces have to be protected from ultra-violet light which can fade or even bleach out colors and inks in paintings, posters, and photographic prints or originals. As a result, that old pane-glass window will have to be replaced with UV glass and the job has to be done right.

Professional contractors who are in the business of installing and repairing glass commercial storefronts in Columbus IN are ready to take on any project. With a complete stock of glass windows and panels of various thicknesses and grades, the panes are cut according to specified measurements, delivered out to the site, and placed into the frame for a nice, snug fit. If necessary, a whole new frame can be fabricated and used as a replacement unit to ensure both a tight fit and proper insulation. With the job complete, the new storefront looks as if it had always been part of the building and should last for many years.

Of course, accidents or vandalism can always occur. That why professional installers of Commercial Storefronts in Columbus IN also offer full 24-hour emergency service. Even in the dead of night, a broken window can be boarded up to protect the inventory of the store until the replacement glass can be installed. Sometimes, it’s a lesser problem such as fogging, which can happen when the seals on insulated glass fail. The glaziers can restore the clear view with a same-day repair job without having to replace the entire unit, and the storefront will be good as new.

Get more information from the website linked here for services and options when it comes to commercial glazing work. Because a first-class storefront can make a real difference in terms of business value.

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