Installing More Secure Basement Windows in Topeka Kansas

A full one-third of all home burglaries happens when a thief breaks in through a basement window. These windows can be somewhat hidden by trees and shrubs, thus hiding a would-be burglar from neighbors and passersby. Having secure Basement Windows in Topeka Kansas is essential for preventing this problem.

One way to prevent break-ins through a basement window is to install permanent bars the burglar cannot get through. The trouble with this solution is those windows cannot be used as egress windows for a quick escape during an emergency. This is mainly a point to consider for people who have living space in the basement, such as a family room or bedrooms. Laws require that finished basements have an additional exit besides going up the stairs to the back door. Removable bars and swing-out devices are not quite as secure, but they do provide protection against theft and still allow the window to be used for a fast exit.

Another option is to have Basement Windows in Topeka Kansas made of impact-resistant glass. This laminated glass is highly resistant to breaking, which is why it’s a common building feature in hurricane-prone regions. Even if someone tries to smash it with a baseball bat, the window stays intact. Of course, burglars don’t want to call any attention to their activities, so they are not likely to continue banging on a window that won’t break. If the basement includes living space, the window can lock from the inside and be pulled inward for an emergency exit.

Block glass from a window supplier such as Arrow Exteriors is another possibility. This design is substantially harder to break than a traditional glass window is. Potential thieves probably will not even try to break in through one of these windows a they know it will be too difficult and noisy. Block glass won’t provide a clear view of the outdoors, but it still lets in natural light. The blocks are available in a variety of stylish designs that can improve the appearance of the basement both inside and out. Homeowners who want to add secure windows to the basement may visit the website for information.

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