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Is It Possible for Gay Partners to Have a Surrogate Mother in Texas?

Is It Possible for Gay Partners to Have a Surrogate Mother in Texas?

For gay couples, one of the best ways to expand their family is through surrogacy. In Texas, the law of surrogacy for gay parents is a bit complex hence it is best to deal with a surrogacy company. The surrogacy company will help you with the legal works. Once you have chosen a surrogacy company to partner with, you can just relax and wait for your baby to be delivered.

The Process of Finding a Surrogate Mother

The process of finding a surrogate mother for gay couples is the same as regular couples. If you will partner with a surrogacy company, you have to fill out an application form, meet with the person-in-charge, talk about the process, and the cost.

Background Check

A background check will be conducted by the surrogacy agency. This is to check if you and your partner can afford to take care of the baby. It will not just check your financial capability, it will also check your emotional stability and the status of your relationship with your partner.

Choosing a Surrogate Mother

Upon passing the background check and the psychological test, you will then find a surrogate mother that matches your criteria. You will have a chance to talk to your chosen surrogate mother and ask questions as needed.

Once set, the medical screening will follow. The screening will cover possible infectious diseases for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Drug screening is also required.


Upon completing the prerequisites, your surrogate company will work with their partner lawyers to finish legal paperwork. Contracts will be drafted, and payment will be settled.

Having a surrogacy for gay parents can be difficult in some states because of their specific state laws. The advantage of partnering with a surrogacy company is that they will do most of the works for you. If you are looking for a surrogacy company to partner with, you can check Simple Surrogacy, LLC or contact them through their website at Url.

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