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Keep it Pretty

For small landlords and property management companies in OKC, spring and summer is DIY project season. This is the perfect time of year for repairing winter damage and upgrading properties is the easiest. One of the first projects you should undertake is a thorough pressure washing of your properties. Pressure washing gets a home sparkling clean, ready to paint, and renews surfaces such as patios, driveways, and walkways. There is little that is more satisfying than each sweep of water blasting away years of dirt and grime. There are some tips and tricks to using a pressure washer, and you need to know if you should use a hot-water pressure washer or a cold water pressure washer.

Hot or Cold?

You should never put hot water into a pressure washer that is not designed for it since that could damage the pressure washer hose and other parts. Instead, determine which of the two types you should use. A hot-water pressure washer should be used in any situation that involves grease or possible bio-contaminants. Hot water melts grease and other substances, making the surface easier to clean and providing a deeper cleaning than a cold water washer could. For instance, consider that greasy, oil-stained garage floor. A hot-water washer will power clean by melting out oil and grease where a cold water washer would not do as good of a job. Likewise, any stains from leaking oil that are left on the driveway would benefit from a hot water blast from the pressure washer hose. Whether you are doing dishes or getting out years of grease stains, the principle is the same – hot water does it better.

Buying Your Unit

For a high-quality commercial unit, it’s best to work with a local OKC pressure washer company in order to get the right fit in the right washer at the right price.

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