Knowing The Difference Between Consulting, Mentoring and Counseling?

Needing help at the many different stages throughout your life is to be applauded. Knowing which therapist is available to help you is a different question altogether because the relationships and the help provided from coaches, mentors and counselors is significantly different.

The Different Stages of Your Life

When you wish to unlock any skills or knowledge and make the most of your life, you will be searching for coach. When you need the wisdom of someone who has been there and got the T-shirt, you will be looking for a mentor. At other stages of your life, perhaps when you are facing a crisis that is both personal and internal, you will probably seek the support of a counsellor.

Some of the roles between these therapists may overlap and on occasions you may begin requiring assistance from one, two or all three of these experts.

Mentoring Is More Easily Understood

A first play stage actor may seek out the advice and insight from an actor who has a vast range of experience not just of acting, but of the acting world. Anyone that seeks a mentor is looking to understand how they have made the right decisions during their lifetime and also to explain how they have overcome some wrong decisions.

Mentoring can be as much about personal development and life skills as an occupation or a change in your lifestyle that you wish to make. Essentially, the mentee will try to find out what the mentor has learnt during their life’s experiences and how to personally apply those skills.
Counselling Is More Personal

Whenever an individual faces a personal crisis, however small or large, it often results in discussing the options available to the person and choosing the best route forwards.

During this time, you may have to face difficult decisions to be able to make better choices in the future.

Coaching to Learn

To develop your skills and to learn key areas that will improve your performance, you may meet with a therapist who can teach you coaching skills so that you will understand how your actions impact on those around you. This provides you with the opportunity to understand your behaviors and attitudes and how your relationships work with family, friends and colleagues. The guidance will help you become more self-aware of your personal and social responsibilities.

Whether you need a coach to develop your skills, a mentor to guide you to further success or a counsellor to help you through a difficult period, professional help is always available.

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