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Labor Law Attorneys In Northampton MA Are Necessary To Protect Your Legal Rights

Labor Law Attorneys In Northampton MA Are Necessary To Protect Your Legal Rights

Labor laws can be divided into two categories. One set of laws is collective laws, and the individual labor laws covers workplace rights for employees. These laws are enforced by various government agencies. Legal rulings cover working people, organizations and all unions. Labor laws are also knows as employment law. Employment law is known to govern the duties and rights between employees and employers. They are to ensure that employees are treated fairly and keep workers safe. These same laws can help protect employers as well. Labor Law Attorneys Northampton MA can assist employees as well as employers.

During the industrial revolution, there was a public outcry for protection of injured workers and a minimum wage. As a result of the outcry, a standard work week was established and child labor was outlawed. During the 60’s and 70’s, the government prohibited discrimination and working conditions which were unsafe. Although these laws were passed, this does mean that employers always follow the law. Many of the disputes between employers and employees are over wage and hour regulations. Employers want to limit overtime pay but still want the employees to work off the clock. This is not permitted by law.

Discrimination in the workplace is another area that a number of claims are against employers are made. It is illegal to discriminate again workers based off genera, age, disability, ethnicity or religious beliefs. Unfortunately, discrimination still occurs and employees should immediately consult with Labor law Attorneys in Northampton MA to determine if their rights have been violated by the employer. Although there is an at-will presumption for employment, an employer cannot fire an employee based on discrimination. There are so many areas of employment law including severance agreements, retaliation, sexual harassment, Family and Medical Leave Act and even unemployment. Protecting your rights is important.

Hiring a law firm such as Connor Morneau & Olin can tremendously assist in defending an employee’s rights. They can also assist in labor organizations and defend an employee’s rights during arbitration. Don’t leave yourself unprotected whenever there is a legal concern with employment issues. Contact a reputable law firm today.

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