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Lawyers File Claims for People Injured in 18-Wheeler Accidents in Vicksburg, MS

There is nothing more frightening for a driver than being in one of the 18-Wheeler Accidents Vicksburg MS. Because these trucks are now allowed to travel on very small and narrow roads, the driver may not have had any way to avoid the crash. Drivers and passengers in cars are no match for the weight of an 18-wheel truck. They often experience massive injuries. If the accident was caused by a driver who wasn’t taking the required rest breaks, then the injured car driver is entitled to damages. He should hire a personal injury lawyer to represent him as soon as possible.

Trucking companies start working immediately to minimize their liability. In many cases, they will have a lawyer and investigator at the accident scene within an hour. Their job is to minimize any liability that the trucking company faces. Professional trucks are usually fitted out with sophisticated tracking devices. This allows supervisors to know where the truck is at all times. It can also provide useful information pertaining to 18-Wheeler Accidents Vicksburg MS. It can show how fast the truck was going. It can also show how long the truck had been driven. This is proof that the driver was not following federal regulations. These rules limit the number of hours a driver can be on the road in a 24-hour period. Trucking companies own these devices and they can destroy them and the truck whenever they want to.

Lawyers representing any injured person in one of the 18-Wheeler Accidents Vicksburg MS know that they have to work quickly to preserve this evidence. They will file an application for an injunction with the court to prevent the trucking company from destroying any equipment involved in the accident. They will then talk with any witnesses that saw the accident. They will want to get the details when everything is fresh in their mind. As soon as the police file reports, they will review these. This information will allow them to file an aggressive claim for damages. Anyone who needs this type of representation can contact the Law Office of Dean Andrews Jr. They are one of the firms in Vicksburg that take trucking cases. Click here for more information.

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