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Learn More About Professional Generator Maintenance in River Forest

Learn More About Professional Generator Maintenance in River Forest

Professional generator maintenance in River Forest keeps home generators working well 24/7. When power failures happen, knowing that one has a generator to rely on is priceless. Generator owners can expect the following from professional servicing.

First-Class Customer Service

Whole-house generators aren’t something that a person can unplug and take into a shop to service. These are devices that are hardwired into one’s home much like HVAC units. Therefore, when a generator needs maintenance services, people should expect technicians to come to their homes to service the unit.

All maintenance services include the following:

  • Visual inspection
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Complete oil change and air filter change
  • Spark plug inspection and replacement, if necessary

Precise Maintenance Records

Professional generator servicing includes keeping exact records. Having this information helps technicians troubleshoot generator problems. It’s also information that potential buyers will want to have if a person decides to sell their home.

Customized Servicing

The #1 question most generator owners ask about maintenance services is how often they need them. The answer depends on the model and the generator’s age. While some generators only need annual maintenance, others might require bi-annual or quarterly maintenance checks to keep them running well 24/7.

Homeowners with whole-house generators deserve the best generator maintenance in River Forest. They deserve to work with a company that maintains precise records, has a reputation for great customer service, and has technicians certified to handle all necessary repairs. For great maintenance and other services, contact Penco Electric, Inc. or visit their website to schedule a service call today.

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