Learn the Truth about Custom Sales Training Programs

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Business

Buzzwords abound when it comes to training your salespeople. Everyone wants the best, and no one knows what that means. Custom sales training programs are where it’s at, but how can you be sure it is customized to your particular needs? You can find three options when it comes to these program options. Cosmetic customization is what most companies utilize, and it means that you buy off-the-shelf options and put your logo or branding in the right spots. It’s still a textbook that has been used by millions of companies.

Standard customization is a little better because it changes the words and jargon, such as calling salespeople sales associates. It can help everyone accept the training and do the role-playing, but it’s still not what is meant by custom sales training programs for most people.

Instead, you want a customized design that is fully tailored to your needs. However, getting it is hard if you aren’t sure what to look for or where to turn.


The first step for any trainer or coach is to visit your site and watch how people work. They may ask questions or may walk the floor, listening to snippets of chatter to get a sense of the place. They should then talk to the CEO or owner to find out what’s wrong (from their point of view) and what they want to change. Then, they can voice their opinion and create a plan from scratch that meets those needs.

They may use pre-written guides and materials, but they may also create their own or have some already patented for their business. You should get to see it all before any training is done so that you feel comfortable with the material and how it should help the group.

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