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Learning About Colon Polyps Treatment In Nassau County, NY

Many people are unaware of what the colon does. The colon is the large intestine and performs several functions. It removes excess water and salt from the body in the form of stools. Unfortunately, there are many conditions that negatively impact the colon. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disorder that damages the colon. Symptoms include stomach pain and diarrhea. Likewise, ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory condition. It also impacts the colon and rectum. People who have symptoms should see a physician.

More than likely, a colonoscopy will be done. The preparation for this test can be daunting. The colon has to be cleansed, so patients must drink a huge bottle of laxative the day before. Expect to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Also, patients are restricted to a diet of clear liquids for part of the day.The patient should not eat anything red. The remains can be mistaken for blood. The colonoscopy is performed on an out-patient basis under light anesthesia.

During a colonoscopy, the physician uses an instrument to examine the colon. One of the things they look for is polyps. These growths are found on the inside wall of the colon. If they find any, the patient may need Colon Polyps Treatment in Nassau County NY. For a consultation, contact Gastro Care LI. Interestingly, a colonoscopy is the best test for colon cancer. And, polyps are one indicator of cancer. Polyps are mysterious growths, and no one knows how they form. However, it is clear that some polyps turn into cancer. The physician removes and tests any growths.

Most people do not know they have polyps. Most of them do not cause any symptoms. Polyps can grow and cause symptoms like bleeding or bowel changes. A major part of colon polyps treatment in Nassau County NY is identifying the polyp. Larger polyps are more likely to be adenomatous. These polyps contain cancer cells. On the other hand, hyperplastic polyps do not turn into cancer. Sessile polyps are flat growths and may be cancerous. It is recommended to take care of the colon by eating properly and having regular exams.

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