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Looking for a Bail Bond Attorney in Bartow?

Looking for a Bail Bond Attorney in Bartow?

Because criminal defense attorneys often act as or are affiliated with bail bondsmen, when looking for a bond many people look for a Bail Bond Attorney in Bartow. This leads people to ask whether a criminal defense attorney is needed to secure bail bonds for incarcerated defendants. This article will discuss the relationship between criminal defense attorneys and bail bondsmen.

Are Attorneys Required for Bond in Florida?

While different states may have different rules regarding bail bonds, Florida attorneys are not required for the bail bonds process. However, attorneys may also offer bail bond services. Also, attorneys may work with bail bondsmen to secure their client’s pretrial release from jail.

How Can Attorneys Aid in the Bond Process?

While attorneys may not be necessary to securing bail bonds in Florida, there are some things that lawyers can do to help get a client out of jail. The most important of these things is arguing to have a defendant’s bail amount reduced. Bail bond attorneys do this by arguing both the facts and the law surrounding a defendant’s incarceration to try to convince the court that the bond amount should be lowered.

What Factors Can Impact Bond Amount?

In Florida, almost everyone is entitled to a bail bond. The two exceptions are people who are charged with offenses that are punishable by death or by life imprisonment. Other defendants are entitled to bail unless the prosecutor can demonstrate why a defendant should be denied bail. This bail is normally set according to a local bond schedule that specifies the amount of bail for each charged offense.

However, judges have the discretion to change bail amounts. Judges may look at several factors when asked to increase or reduce a defendant’s bail, including a defendant’s living situation, work history, prior criminal history, family situation, and available financial resources.

Benefits of a Bail Bond Service

Sometimes a bail bondsman can be more beneficial than a Bail Bond Attorney in Bartow. That is because bail bondsmen are often available 24/7, have their own established relationships with courts and judges, and maybe legacy family businesses with the ability to offer financing and other considerations for those seeking bonds. Contact Zona Long Bails Bonds Bartow for more information.

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