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Looking for a Ford Explorer, Find What You Want near New Lenox

Looking for a Ford Explorer, Find What You Want near New Lenox

Since its introduction in 1991, the Ford Explorer has been in the forefront of the “go anywhere, carry anything” family vehicle. The Explorer is described by Ford as a crossover SUV. The vehicle sports three rows of seats and can comfortably hold seven passengers.

Driving and Handling Characteristics

Since the 2015 model year, Explorers in New Lenox have been available with three engine choices. The available engines include a 280 HP, 2.3L turbo 4 cylinders; a 3.5L V6 rated 290 HP or the 365 HP twin-turbo V6.

The drive system employed by Ford for the explorer is called “Intelligent 4WD.” This system is not the classic approach to 4-wheel drive systems where you choose high or low from the driver’s seat. The system used in the Explorer allows the driver to choose the mode depending on the terrain. The onboard computer takes over, ensuring that the power is transferred to the ground by the wheels that have traction. The Explorer can handle any type of terrain or driving conditions.

Plenty of Features

The Explorer gets you around New Lenox in style with plenty of convenient features. The Explorer Limited features a heated steering wheel, heated and cooled front seats, and heated second-row seats. This feature makes driving in frigid mid-western winters extremely comfortable. The Ford Explorer has adaptive cruise control, a great infotainment system that lets you use your phone, and voice-activated navigation.

There are many reasons to fall in love with the Explorer. If you had to choose just one, chances are it would be the fact that it is the best midsize SUV that seats up to seven people and provides lots of storage space. On top of it all, this crossover looks great. The Ford Explorer is the perfect mix of brawn and beauty.

If you are shopping for a Ford Explorer, visit Tirapelli Ford near New Lenox. With over 300 new Explorers to choose from, you cannot go wrong. Visit for details.

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