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Make Money and Get Rid of Your Junk Car: Contact the Salvage Auto Yard in Chicago

When you have an old vehicle crowding your yard and quickly turning into an unwanted eyesore, you need to get rid of it. You can either list it in a classified ad and wait weeks for someone serious to actual arrive to look at it, or you can call a Salvage Auto Yard in Chicago that will tell you upfront what it is worth and take it immediately off your hands (and out of your yard) if you agree to the price.

This same salvage yard is also the perfect place to go to find the parts and pieces you may need to fix up other vehicles as well. When they purchase unwanted scrapped automobiles, they tow them to their yard and remove anything of value. This could be something as simple as a logo symbol or it could be the engine, frame or alternator. Basically anything left on the vehicle that could be used elsewhere will be salvaged.

A Salvage Auto Yard in Chicago should be considered one of the most environmentally sensible businesses around. By reusing parts these companies reduce dramatically the amount of new products that need to be manufactured. In addition, these locations are strictly regulated by the government regarding how the vehicles are stored. They remove liquids, recycle batteries, mercury switches and tires. All of this prevents these materials from eroding or running into the soil, the way they would if left to rust and decay in a residential back yard.

Frank’s West Side Auto Parts Inc. is an example of this type of business. Contact them if you are looking for a specific part for a vehicle you own. You can also call them if you have any unwanted junk cars sitting in your yard. You will not get rich selling them, but your yard will instantly become more valuable once they are removed.

To learn more about how the business operates or to find out how to contact them, Visit the website. They can help you find an affordable part to get your vehicle running and if you decide against fixing it, they will pay you the top salvage rate possible and arrange for a wrecker to tow it away as well.

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