Make the Neck Pain and Headaches Stop

There are people in the world that will never know the pain and agony of a migraine headache. They are the lucky ones. Some people even go through life not experiencing serious headaches of any kind. To those that do, they know a migraine or a bad headache as something that can range from a simple pounding in your head to a searing pain so intense that even a bright light can cause your pain to be so intense that dizziness and nausea can take over for hours or sometimes days.

Evolutionary Perfected Over Time

The human body is a wondrous and not even completely understood marvel of the universe. It has evolved and changed over time to support habitation in the world we live in. The neck for example has developed to a point where it is designed to support the weight of your head yet have the flexibility to tilt and swivel in all directions to give you a better view of your surroundings. Even from birth, your neck isn’t strong enough to support the weight of your head, but very quickly grows to be the load-bearing joint that is able to do the job it has evolved to do. The problem is that even the tiniest thing can cause nerve problems or other issues that leave you in constant pain.

What Kind of Help Can You Get

Of course, there is no way to list every treatment available for every kind of neck affliction that exists, but there are many options available to you that range from anti-inflammatory medications and cervical collars to physical therapy, steroid injections and right up to surgery should other treatments not prove effective. Please visit Riverside Pain Physicians today and explore the options available to you for neck pain relief in Jacksonville area. We can help you get back on the road to a normal life!

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