Making the Choice: DIY vs a Professionally Installed Deck

by | May 6, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Backyard living is a big thing in San Antonio and decks are big business. Many people attempt to do DIY decks but San Antonio professional deck builders are busy throughout the deck-building season for good reason — a professional deck has some significant advantages.

The Outcome

Of course a professional deck generally looks much better than a DIY deck. Even if you are inclined in the area of carpentry, a deck can be a project that requires a substantial amount of skill.


Professional deck builders in San Antonio ensure the deck will withstand use. Whether your deck is elevated or not, safety is very important.

Integration of Your Deck

A professional deck builder can integrate your deck with other elements in a professional way. Do you want storage?  What about an outdoor kitchen? Do you want seating? What about lighting? Is your deck to be integrated with an above-ground or in-ground pool? A professional can seamlessly integrate multiple backyard living elements together.

Time and Effort

Getting the deck built isn’t generally an afternoon project. It takes time and effort and professionals can get it done quickly and seamlessly rather than it being a project you spend every weekend for most of the summer working on. If you think you’ve got helpers, do you know how qualified they are? Do you know how reliable they’ll be? When you hire professionals you’re given a price and a timeline and the company’s reputation depends on their ability to adhere to those timelines. This is much more reliable than having friends, neighbors, and relatives help you with your deck.

Saving Money on Decks

Do you want to save money on a deck? Instead of doing it yourself you could opt for less expensive decking materials. The end result will be a professional deck that you didn’t have to build yourself. Why not get a few quotes on decks from San Antonio deck builders so you have some comparables. When you consider the cost of materials and the time it will take to build it you could find that it’s very advantageous to go the professional route.

Some people are skilled enough to pull off a very good-looking deck. But if you want guaranteed results you may want to consider at least discussing your deck project with a professional.

We can help with decks in San Antonio. Browse the site to learn more about your backyard.

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