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Marketing on a Restaurant Table: What to Include?

The marketing materials you place on the tables of your restaurant or café can impact the amount that each customer spends when they visit. While a bare table may seem like a stylish option, it can often minimize the amount spent by restaurant customers and leave you at a disadvantage compared to a table that is full of various marketing materials.

One of the best ways to increase the total revenue of your restaurant is to offer tempting specials to the guests and make the readily available for the guests to find. Accessories such as restaurant table stands and tents can help to increase sales.

Your restaurant table needs to maximize its space to generate sales opportunities for your restaurant.

Dining Menu

This is a bit obvious and perhaps the most important to include. Be sure that your dining menu is easily seen at every table so that your customers will fully understand the dishes that are available for them while they are visiting your restaurant. If you are trying to maximize the amount of revenue you earn per customer, then you need to keep the menu close to or at the table at all times. This will allow them to continue to browse and possibly up sale their meal.

Drinks / Specialty Menu

This is a great option to put on a table stand. If you restaurant serves a vast array of different drinks or specialty drinks, choosing a few to highlight on the table can be quite beneficial. In fact, featuring a new drink regularly can encourage customers to try new things and perhaps purchase a drink or another special that is more expensive than the typical cola or tea. Also, when it comes to drinks, the old idea, “out of sight out of mind,” is definitely true. Take the time to make sure your customers see what is available.

When you take the time to utilize marketing materials on your table, you will eventually see larger tickets that increase overall profit. This is quite beneficial and will ensure that your restaurant continues to be successful. Remember, how you display this information matters. You need to be sure to choose a display option that will maximize exposure for a product and make it appealing to potential diners.

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