Metal Roofs Are No Longer For Barns

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Roofing

The roof over your head is your first line of defense against anything Mother Nature can throw your way. If you live in a harsh climate such as Chicago and suburbs a conventional asphalt shingle roof is often inadequate due to such things considerable temperature differentials during the year or vicious storms. Even in ideal conditions asphalt shingles will only last about 20 years. A roofer in Aurora IL is now being called upon more and more to install a metal roofing system, not only does this type of roof last considerably longer it is more durable, reliable and can contribute to significant energy savings. A metal roof has a number of environmental benefits as well, the roofing material has a high recycled metal content and, when it needs replacing in about 50 years it can be sent for recycling again.

When you hire a roofer in Aurora IL to replace a roof, to be energy conscious and environmentally aware you do not have to be involved in a high profile commercial project, a typical suburban family can take full advantage of residential metal roofing; this roof is becoming more affordable as more and more homeowners begin to realize its benefits. As a matter of fact metal roofing for residential purposes is the fastest growing roofing material of all that which is available.

Standing seams:

Years ago when metal roofs were relegated to barns and sheds the material was little more than a simple corrugated metal sheet which was protected by galvanizing it. Today, a metal roof has two seams that stand proud of the roof surface; once the panels are installed the seam is crimped, thus providing a perfect water tight seal.

A professional roofer in Aurora IL will be the first to admit that this type of roof is more expensive than its asphalt shingle counterpart. However, in the long haul, a metal roof is considerably less cheaper, in many cases they will long outlive their normal 50 year warranty; compare that to only 20 years for asphalt.

Beauty and durability:

The finishes that are standard on modern metal roofs are far more pleasing to the eye than they once were. The roof no longer looks like it’s on a barn, the material can be supplied in a wide spectrum of colors and since they no longer have that “high gloss” look they are compatible with the overall aesthetics of the home. Not only are they beautiful, they are durable and virtually maintenance free.

When their current roof has seen better days more and more homeowners are hiring a professional roofer in Aurora IL to install a modern, long lasting metal roof. For more information you are invited to Contact Showalter Roofing Service Inc.

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