What to Look For When Booking Hotel Suites in Moorhead, MN

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Hotel

With plans to be in town for a couple of weeks, the idea of staying in a cramped motel room is not all that appealing. Instead, why not look into options for Hotel Suites Moorhead MN? Here are some of the features and amenities that the client will want with the right suite.

Secure Parking Area

Making sure the car is safe and sound at night is important. Many of the establishments offering hotel suites in Moorhead, MN feature secure parking areas for their guests. Many will also offer valet service, making it easy to call the front desk and have the vehicle brought around when the time comes to head out for the day.

Full Kitchen

In the suite, make sure there is a full kitchen. As people who travel frequently know, eating every meal out gets to be taxing and expensive. By having a kitchen that includes all the basics amenities, it will be easy to stay in and prepare a meal if the mood strikes. At the very least, having a full kitchen also means enjoying a midnight snack will not mean having to get dressed and head for the vending machines in the lobby.

Internet Access

Always make sure the suite is equipped with high-speed Internet access. Check to see if there are any limits on daily usage. This is especially important for someone who is in town for business purposes, and may spend some evenings taking care of emails, working on slide presentations, or other tasks that require the ability to search and download information.

Recreation and Fitness

What sort of spaces are set aside for recreation and fitness? Does the facility come with a weight room and a spa? How about a pool and possible a jogging or walking trail? All those features will come in handy after a long day with clients since they provide the opportunity to relax and decompress.

For anyone who will be in town for several days and wants a great place to call home, contact the team at the Holiday Inn Fargo today. Once the reservation is booked, all the guest has to do is show up, settle in, and enjoy everything the hotel has to offer.

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