Metal Stamping Manufacturers: Micro Precision Metal Stamping

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Metal Fabricators

Metal stamping is one means of fabricating components for today’s industrial concerns. It involves diverse methods to achieve this goal. Micro precision metal stamping is one of the options companies consider. While not available from all metal stamping manufacturers, it is ideal for those with specific demands and exacting requirements.

What Is Micro Precision Metal Stamping?

Many components used in modern, high precision technology are small. In fact, it is becoming even tinier with tolerances becoming tighter. Micro precision metal stamping involves working with parts with dimensions that may be only slightly larger than a micron. In fact, common minimum specifications demanded from any stamping machinery tend to range between.002 inches and .005 inches. Many components are barely visible to the human eye. As a result, the method must be as precise as possible. High accuracy is essential in such production work.

Micro-precision metal stamping is a process that does not work in large swathes. Instead, it produces minute bends, cuts, and folds in the metal workpiece. The process also involves CNC, software, and photo-etching technology. The material metal stamping manufacturers use, is available in sheets of diverse grades and types. Aluminum and stainless steel are common choices.


The process offers fabrication companies several benefits. These extend beyond the ability to produce minuscule components. Among the most common are:

  • Intricate work
  • Precise results
  • Swift results
  • Increased flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness

These combine with the ability to address modern production concerns and reduce tooling and labor costs to make micro precision metal stamping an effective and efficient production option for those in the medical and/or electronic industry.

Metal Stamping Manufacturers

Stamping is increasingly a widely accepted production method. Its precision combines with competitive pricing, fast delivery, and repeatability to make it attractive to many industries. Metal stamping manufacturers employ precision and micro-precision metal stamping to address the increasingly tight tolerances and precise specifications their customers demand.

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