Mistakes to avoid when hiring movers

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Moving

If you are planning to move and you have already decided that you are not going to move yourself then you are faced with finding good movers in Dallas TX. Of all the decisions that will have to be made, getting the best movers for the job is by far the most important. It is not difficult to find names, the Yellow Pages and the Internet are full of them, but getting the best one can be quite a challenge. There are things that you simply must avoid to ensure you are not disappointed with your choice.

Not getting multiple quotes: Never go with the first company you speak to, get at least three or four quotations from reputable moving companies. Make sure the estimator comes to your home; never entertain any quotation that is not supported in writing after a visit to your home. Once you gather the quotes, compare the prices and then research the company in-depth. Never hire a company based on price alone, a reputable company often is not the cheapest but they are the best.

The home visit: When the company representative visits your home he or she can see what has to be moved, the rep can go through the basement, garage; closets and even under the beds. While the rep is there discuss any possible problems at the other end, it will add to the cost if the distance from the street to your new home is excessive for example.

Not asking questions: The assumption must be made that you are not a moving pro. Hiring movers in Dallas is not easy; there are numerous details that need to be ironed out well in advance. The best movers will anticipate the questions and be ready with intelligent answers. This is what they do for a living but even so, there are no two moves exactly alike; so don’t hesitate to ask questions that are important to you.

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