Choosing the right moving and storage company

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Moving

Despite the number of times the average individual will move during his or her lifetime, the process is still intimidating. People are creatures of habit, they like to know where things are when they want them and moving disturbs this basic desire. Not only that; everything that a person owns is important to them and the thoughts of entrusting their possessions to strangers can be nerve wracking. This is why choosing the right company for moving and storage in Chicago is very important.

Choosing the mover:
The difference between a nightmare and a reasonably pleasant experience lies in your choosing the right moving and storage company. Ensure that you get at least three written estimates. Do not entertain an estimate given to you over the phone or by email, it is alright to get a “ball park price” but never accept this as being firm. Without actually seeing what has to be moved it is not possible for the estimator to prepare a valid estimate. When the company rep comes to your home, don’t hide anything; give the rep full access to closets, the attic; basement and even under the beds.

There are two different estimates:
In the moving and storage industry there are two different estimates; binding and non-binding.

Binding estimate: This is a guaranteed price, unless you ask for additional services between the date of the estimate and the date of the move, the price can be no higher than that quoted.

Non-binding estimate: Although a non-binding estimate does not cap the price, the best companies that offer moving and storage in Chicago employee estimators that come very close to reality. The final price is based on the weight of the shipment if the move is interstate, if the move is local the final price is based on the time it takes to complete.

If your possessions are destined for storage for any length of time make sure that your insurance cover does not have to be extended to cover any damage or loss that may occur at the storage facility.

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