Authentic Wholesale Mexican Food in Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, many Americans have a skewed version of what “real” Mexican food is. The definition of authentic Mexican is not the infamous fast-food “Bell” variety. Here are a few tips on spotting authentic Wholesale Mexican Food in Pennsylvania.

1. Mexican tacos do not consist of hard-shells. They also do not consist of iceberg lettuce, “Mexican” cheese, and diced tomatoes. A real Mexican taco will have a soft tortilla shell that is either steamed or grilled lightly. A traditional meat such as pork will be used in most cases, but may also consist of beef or chicken. Avocado and fresh salsa will be present, and the cheese will be white.

2. “Mexican” cheese does not exist in Mexico. True Mexican cheese will be white and not pre-seasoned. Authentic cheeses such as queso blanco, queso panela, and cotija are all naturally tangy. This helps to offset the heat from the peppers used in Mexican cooking.

3. Gargantuan overstuffed burritos are purely an American invention. Traditional burritos are smaller and thinner and generally only consist of two to three ingredients.

4. The nachos that most Americans think of when the word is mentioned are not really Mexican either. They were actually invented on a military base. For a true authentic Mexican dish using lightly fried tortillas, try chilaquiles. This is a breakfast dish that consists of quartered tortillas and topped with eggs, salsa, and pulled chicken.

5. Mexican salsas are not runny like their American counterparts. True Mexican salsa is actually more of a spicy tomato salad and is made fresh daily in the majority of Mexican households.

6. Finally, fajitas are not Mexican either. In fact, the word did not even come about until the 1970s and has been attributed to Texas ranch hands. For a more traditional meat-heavy dish, try slow-roasted pork cochinita pibil. The pork is marinated in citrus juice and then slowly cooked in a banana leaf wrap. It is served with sides such as beans, rice, and poblano peppers.

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