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Mobile Business Shredding Services in Los Angeles

When businesses, organizations, agencies, and facilities fail to properly dispose of confidential information, there are several possible consequences. Crimes, such as identity theft, can be committed; people can lose their life savings through credit card fraud; sensitive medical information can ruin careers or opportunities; and liability lawsuits can close down businesses. There is no reason for any entity to take that risk, especially when mobile Business Shredding Services in Los Angeles are so convenient and cost-effective. Collection bins are provided for the business, and services are customized to suit any need, preference, and budget.

Once service is set up, the business does not have to worry about proper disposal of confidential information any longer. The six step process will commence on a dependable schedule. A mobile destruction unit arrives at the location. The operator collects material from each bin and places it into a locked cart. The bar code on each bin is scanned, so there is a record of what bins were emptied, and how much was in each bin. The documents are destroyed in the mobile unit. Cross-cut shredding is used for extra security. Cameras inside the unit provide video so the operator and the business representative can witness the destruction from outside the unit.

Once documents are shredded, a certificate is printed that includes the date and time of shredding, as well as bin bar codes. Both parties sign the certificate, and the business has a copy for compliance reporting, inspections, or visits from oversight agencies. Invoices are generated daily and emailed to the business for payment. Pickup can be as often as daily, a few times a week, a few times a month, or as infrequent as once every eight weeks, depending on the size and needs of the business.

Business Shredding Services in Los Angeles can save businesses time and money on equipment, personnel, and liability insurance premiums. They also increase the confidentiality and confidence of customers, clients, and patients, and increase compliance with regulations. Documents are shredded safely and securely, operational costs are reduced, and the business does not have to worry about due diligence or liability issues.

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