Modern Gazebos Provide a Source of Garden and Poolside Shade

Gazebos are a charming feature in any backyard garden. They create a shaded place to sit, read, or admire the sunset. Most familiar are the quaint gazebos made of ornate wooden lattice and topped with a cupola. But today, aluminum gazebos offer an easy-care option with nearly an equal amount of charm.

Gazebos could be found in 5,000-year-old Egyptian gardens, as well as ancient sites in China and Persia. Ever since people began to plant pleasure gardens, there have been gazebos. These outdoor structures serve not only as a place to sit in the shade but also as a focal point. Nothing has changed, and even a modern backyard garden can benefit from a gazebo.

Modern gazebos are made of wood, aluminum, and vinyl. But, today’s wooden gazebos are typically made of cedar or redwood and are very simple in design. On the other hand, vinyl gazebos are often molded to look like an old-fashioned, ornate lattice gazebo. Finally, aluminum gazebos often have a cupola roof, as well as a sleek design. They can also be fitted with outdoor curtains for added shade and privacy.

A modern gazebo is an ideal addition to enclose a hot tub or outdoor jacuzzi. It also adds much-needed poolside shade. Finally, a gazebo is perfect for protecting an outdoor cooking area from the elements. If your backyard needs a source of shade and privacy, consider installing a sleek modern gazebo.

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