Moving Off Campus? Three Tips to Snag Your Perfect Student Apartment

by | May 6, 2024 | Student Housing Center

If you’re tired of dorm life, moving into a student apartment offers more freedom and space. Apartments in university towns are typically in high demand, but being smart about your search can help you snag the perfect place. Here are three tips to help you get the apartment you want.

Get Your Roommates Together

Roommates are common in New Brunswick student housing because sharing your space reduces costs and lets you live with your friends. Determine who your roommates will be before you begin your apartment search, and get everyone the same page about what type of place you’re looking for.

Choose Your Place Over the Summer

The beginning of summer is the best time to secure a student apartment because that’s when most students move out. Although it might be inconvenient to pay for an extra two or three months of rent, the advantage of having more apartments to choose from is worth it.

Start Your Move-in Early

Moving into New Brunswick student housing always takes longer than you anticipate. Start the move-in process early to make sure that your apartment is ready when the academic year begins. The last thing you want is stacks of moving boxes to put away when you should be focusing on class.

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